I am a Product Designer & Coder with special interest in User Experience and Human Computer Interaction.

I work primarily with design tools to create a UX strategy with user flows, wireframes, personas and prototypes. I also work with Adobe CS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and a handful of libraries and frameworks.

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  • allegro


    The Allegro project is a design solution for mobile music training. The software helps people to learn and identify musical notes for site reading and ear training..

    The project is built with design tools, Adobe CS and Omnigraffle.

  • bioscidb


    The BioSciBD project is part of a custom software UX Design and Front-End Development project I worked on for BioSci Advisors.

    The web-based software is a tool for internal Analysts. The interface allows for a simple, intuitive means to create and edit documents built from text images.

    The project is built primarily with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery and CodeIgnitor, as well as design tools, Illustrator and OmniGraffle.

    Live demo available on request.

  • eyesondarfur

    Eyes on Darfur

    The Eyes on Darfur project takes an in-depth, interactive look into the war in Sudan. Satellite imagery is showcased and displayed along with personal accounts and photographs.

    My work in UX Design and Production for the site was the basis for the final project, which was later nominated for a Webby Award.

    The main project was built with HTML, Javascript, Flash and AS3.

  • valuationanalyzer

    Valuation Analyzer

    The Valuation Analyzer is an interactive graphical tool that displays rate trends. It is used by business development experts in life sciences. I worked on all phases of the design and development for the product. It is currently being sold by Thomson Reuters as a premier product.

    The application is built with HTML, Javascript, AS3 and Flash with XML data.

  • designthinking

    Design Thinking

    This project is a fun look into a new approach to commuting. The project was completed as part of a design thinking course with Barry Katz at Stanford.

    The animation is built with AS3 and Flash.